Fresh Chillies

Fresh Chillies

Chilli Availability: Due to hail damage and bad weather conditions our 2024 has unfortunately been greatly affected. We apologize for any issues this may have caused and look forward to our 2025 harvest! Listed below are the chillies we do have available for purchase. 


Looking for extreme heat or uniquely flavoured chillies that you can’t find in your local fruit and veg shop?

We grow 20+ varieties of the world’s hottest chillies right here on our farm in Northern Victoria. When in season, we can ship gorgeous farm fresh chillies to most Australian addresses in days.

Out of season, we have frozen pods to see you through. Freezing chillies does not affect their quality or heat so you will certainly get that heat and flavour that you love. If stored properly they will last in the freezer for several years.

Contact us if you have any questions!