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Grow your very own chillies at home. We have over 20 different varieties for you to choose from.

Learn how with Our Royal Guide to Growing Your Own Chillies at Home


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Discover Incredible Chilli Powders & Flakes, Chilli Oils and Chilli Sauces made from Chilli King's very own chillies.


Why Chilli Kings

Some flavours can’t be substituted.

We believe there is no substitute for fresh, locally grown produce. We grow over 20 varieties of chillies and a range of hard to find vegetables to help you get the flavours of home right here in Australia.


What's the hottest chilli on the planet? And what on earth is SHU?

Find out how we rate chillies, how to use them, and what are the benefits. Plus your guide the HOTTEST chillies in the world!

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Now you can get the world’s hottest chillies and hard to find vegetables fresh from the farm to your Grocery Store or Factory.


What our customers have to say...

"I'm a Mexican and I'm always looking for chillies that would bring that special flavour to my meals. After 15 years living in Australia it's the first time that I've found a chilli that makes me feel in Mexico" Ozzy

"I'm from Argentina. I love to enjoy my meals and always looking for that extra special flavour. These Chillies really provide that special touch!" Alicia

“The Chilli oil is perfect! Not too hot, but hot all the same, with rich flavor.” David, a true blue Aussie

“Chilli Kings offers both fresh chillies and their masterfully made chilli oil. I'm from Zimbabwe and I must say the fresh habaneros are the real deal and not for the faint-hearted. If you’re looking for authentic chilli’s to spice up your meal or dish, I would highly recommend Chilli Kings. Their chilli oil is also really vibrant-looking with wonderful colour and great consistency. The flavours are well balanced will be sure to enhance any meal or dish!” Tavonga