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About Chilli Kings - World's Hottest Chillies 

Ndamati, Heidi and daughter Isabella, picking the first chilli for the season!

Chilli Kings grow the world’s hottest chillies and hard to find vegetables that are not commonly found in your local veggie shop.

Chefs at top Restaurants, Specialty Chilli Sauce Makers and Home Cooks alike all enjoy the freshest of chillies and veggies sourced straight from our farm.

In 2010 Chilli Kings, previously known as Timios Investments Pty Ltd, began by sourcing ingredients that we couldn’t find for our own African home cooking.  

Having roots in Nigeria, we understood the unique requirements of African cuisine, and were able to import some of the foods our community needed, but quickly found that many of the fresh ingredients just couldn’t be substituted to get the same flavour as home.

Not long after, we tried farming to grow some of those specialty vegetables our customers were requesting, not to mention our super hot chillies that we are known for.

Today Chilli Kings grow over 20 varieties of the world’s hottest chillies, as well as Vegetable Crops not typically found in your local veggie shop such as sweet potato leaves, pumpkin leaves, maize, fever/scent leaf, okra and garden egg.

We believe there is no substitute for fresh, locally grown produce, so if there is a fruit or vegetable variety either you can’t find here in Australia or that is already here but not available commercially, be sure to tell us about it, we may be able to help.

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